Why do I need a strong password?

Setting a strong profile password is important to ensure the security of your Vexel profile.

In this article we give secure password ideas and explain which passwords are to be avoided.

Unreliable passwords: words and sequences of numbers.

For accounts with different services, social networks and platforms, you should avoid using simple combinations, such as:

  • Ordinary words: home, cat, password

  • A series of numbers in a row: 1234, 456789

  • Date of birth 25061999

  • Your name: sasha

  • The names of their relatives and pets: nataly, ivanka, max

Combinations of these words will create unreliable passwords, which are quickly cracked by software.

Strong password is a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

A good password consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

For example:

  • a0xk0?L|t0wY4K#Z

  • u5D0w*osJrF$5*Ox

  • ~3x@#x|}%q@|WsX7

You can use an online password generator to create a strong password with the desired length.

Such passwords cannot be manually guessed by a person and will take months and years to crack for a software. 

Security experts do not advise writing passwords in plain text. If you still need to write down the password, then it's better to do it so that only you can read what you have written (you can use associations, a different order of characters, etc.) 

If a hacker manages to get your password, they will be able to do following:

  1. Change your account password and use your funds. 

  2. Change your iCloud or Google Play password. Steal your money or lock your smartphone.

  3. Study your correspondence, from which a hacker will surely pull out your passport details and credit card numbers. From your social networks, a hacker will easily get your mother's maiden name.

  4. Knowing your passport details and credit card number, the hacker will change your internet bank password, change your contact phone number and will be able to steal all your money.

  5. If a hacker gets a scan of your passport from your email, they will be able to take a loan on your behalf from an unscrupulous bank and debt collectors will come after you.

However, even with a strong password, you can further secure your account. For this you need to enable two-factor authentication.