Why is it important to have a secure password?

A secure password is an important element of your account safety

In this article, we would like to let you know which passwords are reliable and which passwords should not be used. 

Reliable passwords are words and digit sequences

For accounts with different services, social networks and platforms, you should avoid using simple combinations, such as:

  • Regular words; home, cat, password

  • Consecutive digits: 1234, 456789

  • Date of birth: 25061999 

  • Your name: sasha 

  • Names of family members and pets: natasha, igor, musya

 Combinations of these words make for unreliable passwords that are easily hacked by software. 

Reliable passwords: a combination of digits, letters, and characters

A strong password includes uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. 

For example:

 To generate a strong password, you may use an online password generator and specify the required number of characters.

These types of passwords may not be cracked manually by a human being, and software would take months or years to do so. 

Is it a good idea to write down your passwords?

Security specialists do not recommend writing down your passwords without encryption. If you do not need to write down your password, it is best to do it so that you will be the only one who will be able to read what you have written (you can use associations, a different order of characters). 

If a hacker managers to get your password, they will be able to:

  • Change your account password, use your funds

  • Change your iCloud or Google Play passwords, then steal your money or lock your smartphone. ]

  • Read your correspondence, and the hacker will most likely get your passport details and card number from it. From social networks, they will easily get your mother’s maiden name.

  • Knowing your passport details and your card number, the hacker will change your online banking password and your contact phone number and will freely use all your money.

  • If the hacker gets a scanned copy of your passport from your inbox, they will be able to take out a loan in your name from an unscrupulous credit organization, and you may be visited by loan collectors.