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    A simple & straightforward registration - simply provide an email address, name & password.

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  • KYC verification

    User KYC verification is mandatory to access all platform features.

  • Vexel is at your service

    Unleash the full potential of our platform.

    Vexel is at your service


  • SEPA/SWIFT transfer

    After completing verification a unique IBAN under your name will be opened at a UK-based EMI. Deposit fiat funds and convert them to crypto.

    SEPA/SWIFT transfer
  • Buy crypto with a card

    Use your debit/credit card to buy crypto instantly.

    Buy crypto with a card
  • Deposit crypto

    Receive supported digital assets to your wallet address without paying any fees.

    Deposit crypto


  • External wallets & accounts

    Feel free to withdraw your crypto & fiat funds to external wallets and bank accounts. If needed, funds get converted automatically.

    External wallets & accounts
  • SEPA/SWIFT transfer

    Withdraw funds to your bank account via SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer.

    SEPA/SWIFT transfer
  • Vexel Voucher

    A unique digital voucher protected with a 34-digit code. Generate & redeem the voucher to store and transfer funds within Vexel platform.

    Vexel Voucher
  • Off-chain, P2P transactions

    Transfer any amount of crypto to another Vexel user for free, instantly. We'll verify withdrawal wallet and confirm whether or not instant transfers are supported.

    Off-chain, P2P transactions


  • Instant fiat/crypto conversion

    Convert funds based on our internal exchange rate.

    Instant fiat/crypto conversion
  • Try it out

    Enter the amount to see exchange rate in real time



Crypto loans & savings

  • Crypto Loans

    Crypto loans allow users to borrow funds for a period of 1+ year using crypto as collateral.

  • Crypto savings

    Crypto savings allow users to earn interest on their holdings. Open a savings account to earn interest on a weekly basis.


  • Referral program

    A set of rewards and incentives for users who invite new clients into the ecosystem.

  • Customer support

    Got a question? Feel free to ask! We strive to resolve each and every customer query as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Features & Limits

    KYC verification is mandatory to be able to access all platform features. Learn more about different KYC tiers and features.