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    A simple & straightforward registration - simply provide an email address, name & password.

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  • KYC verification

    User KYC verification is mandatory to access all platform features.

  • Vexel is at your service

    Unleash the full potential of our platform.

    Vexel is at your service


  • SEPA/SWIFT transfer

    After completing verification a unique IBAN under your name will be opened at a UK-based EMI. Deposit fiat funds and convert them to crypto.

    SEPA/SWIFT transfer
  • Buy crypto with a card

    Use your debit/credit card to buy crypto instantly.

    Buy crypto with a card
  • Deposit crypto

    Receive supported digital assets to your wallet address without paying any fees.

    Deposit crypto


  • External wallets & accounts

    Feel free to withdraw your crypto & fiat funds to external wallets and bank accounts. If needed, funds get converted automatically.

    External wallets & accounts
  • SEPA/SWIFT transfer

    Withdraw funds to your bank account via SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer.

    SEPA/SWIFT transfer
  • Vexel Voucher

    A unique digital voucher protected with a 34-digit code. Generate & redeem the voucher to store and transfer funds within Vexel platform.

    Vexel Voucher
  • Off-chain, P2P transactions

    Transfer any amount of crypto to another Vexel user for free, instantly. We'll verify withdrawal wallet and confirm whether or not instant transfers are supported.

    Off-chain, P2P transactions


  • Instant fiat/crypto conversion

    Convert funds based on our internal exchange rate.

    Instant fiat/crypto conversion
  • Try it out

    Enter the amount to see exchange rate in real time



Vexel Crypto Card

  • A quick & easy way to make payments

    Instant & automatic currency conversion. An ability to top up card account from any fiat or crypto account within the platform. Pay at millions of merchants worldwide, make online purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM - all using Vexel Crypto Card.

  • Fees & Limits

    Review card program terms and conditions.

    • Card issuance

    • Account top up

      No fee
    • Monthly maintenance fee

      €5 / month
    • Withdrawal from an ATM

      €3 or 1,5%
    Learn more about fees

Crypto loans & savings

  • Crypto Loans

    Crypto loans allow users to borrow funds for a period of 1+ year using crypto as collateral.

  • Crypto savings

    Crypto savings allow users to earn interest on their holdings. Open a savings account to earn interest on a weekly basis.


  • Referral program

    A set of rewards and incentives for users who invite new clients into the ecosystem.

  • Customer support

    Got a question? Feel free to ask! We strive to resolve each and every customer query as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Features & Limits

    KYC verification is mandatory to be able to access all platform features. Learn more about different KYC tiers and features.