Frequently Asked Questions

What are these loans used for?

Vexel crypto loan is a service that allows users to borrow crypto funds for a 1+ year period.

For example, you urgently need extra capital to execute trades. You currently have 5 BTC at your disposal. You'd like to keep 5 BTC and not sell it. What you can do now is borrow crypto by using 5 BTC as collateral. The amount you've borrowed can be used to fund trades or other operations including withdrawal from a platform.

Who is eligible for crypto loans?

Any platform user who has undergone identity verification can get a loan.

How many loans can I take?

You can have as many active loans as you want in parallel, there is no limit to their number on the platform.

What's the max loan amount?

Maximum loan amount - 2 000 000 USDT

Minimum loan amount - 1000 USDT

How can I use borrowed funds?

You can use the received amount for all operations on the platform: withdraw, exchange, replenish your cryptocurrency, create a deposit.

What's collateral needed for?

Loan security is the amount of money you leave as collateral for the loan. Collateral is needed to secure the platform against possible loan defaults, as well as a drop in the exchange rate. In the event of a default on the loan, the amount owed will be deducted from the collateral. And in case of a significant drop in the exchange rate, the loan will be liquidated, that is, the amount of the collateral remains on the platform, the loan is closed. After full repayment of the loan, the collateral is fully returned to your account.

In what currencies can I get a loan and what currencies can I use as collateral?

You can get a loan in currencies BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, USDT, USDC, EUR.

BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC can be used as collateral.

What are the interest rates on the loan?

You can choose your own interest rate - 0.95%, 5.95%, 7.95%, 9.95% per annum. The higher the initial LTV, the higher the interest rate.

What is LTV?

LTV (Loan-to-Value Ratio) is the ratio of the value of your loan to the value of your collateral. That is, if you want to leave a deposit of 1000 USDT and choose LTV 70%, you can get a loan of 700 USDT. Or, conversely, if you want to get 1000 USDT, then with the selected LTV 70%, you must give a deposit of 1428.57 USDT.

What affects LTV?

  1. 1. Exchange rate. If the exchange rate of the currency in which you left your collateral falls, the LTV goes up. If the exchange rate of the currency goes up, the LTV goes down. This way, you can close the loan more profitably by appreciating the currency.

  2. 2. Residual amount of debt. The less left to repay, the lower the LTV. That is, the more you repay the loan, the lower the LTV becomes.

  3. 3. The amount of collateral. The smaller the amount of collateral, the higher the LTV becomes. Conversely, the greater the collateral, the lower the LTV. Therefore, if LTV increases, it is recommended to increase the amount of collateral.

It is very important to always keep the LTV at an optimal level (up to 75%) to avoid the risk of liquidation of the loan.

What happens when the LTV is too high?

If the LTV of the loan is above 75%, we will warn you that the loan may be liquidated and offer to add additional collateral or repay the loan. If the LTV of the loan is higher than the liquidation LTV (90%), we will liquidate your loan at the expense of your collateral and charge a 2% transaction fee on the collateral amount. The balance of the collateral will be returned to your account.

Can I repay my loan early?

You can always repay the loan in full before the due date. In this case, the interest on the loan will be recalculated rounded up to the hour.

How is the loan repaid?

After the loan is created, you get a monthly payment schedule. First you pay only the interest, and then the whole body of the loan. That is, the total amount of interest for the entire duration of the loan is divided into equal parts without regard to the last month, and in the last month you must repay the entire amount of the collateral (the amount you have received in your account).

Can I repay the monthly payment from the amount of collateral?

Yes, it is possible. The monthly payment amount will be deducted from the collateral amount. Note that if the amount of collateral decreases, the LTV will increase.

Can I repay the interest several months in advance at once?

Yes, you can repay the interest on the loan several months in advance. For example, if you repay the loan for the next two months, you can make the next payment in 3 months, according to the schedule.

How does interest accrue?

When you create a loan, you will immediately see the calculation of the monthly interest rate, the monthly interest payment, and the total interest amount for the entire period.

How can I change the provision?

You can set up collateral at the time of loan creation. You can always add additional collateral after the loan is created to reduce the LTV.

Can I partially withdraw collateral?

No, you cannot reduce the amount of collateral. You can only repay the loan using the collateral.

What happens if I don't make my monthly payment in time?

The monthly payment amount will automatically be deducted from your account in the currency of the loan. If there are insufficient funds in the account, the payment will be deducted from the amount of collateral you left when you created the loan. Note that the LTV will increase if the amount of collateral decreases.