How to withdraw funds to a bank account using SWIFT transfer

At the moment, withdrawal is only available in EUR.

SWIFT transfers are not available for residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Also, cross-border transfers are not available for Russian Federation residents.


Withdrawal to banks that are under the sanctions (Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Russian Agricultural Bank) are not available.

How withdraw funds using SWIFT transfer to Tinkoff bank

 1. Open a EUR account in the Tinkoff bank app (tap “Add currency” in your profile).

2. Tap Details in your EUR account.

3. Select EUR to get your EUR account details.

4. Go back to the Vexel app.

5. Tap the account from which you want to transfer the funds (make sure that the account is selected correctly and there is an available balance to withdraw).

6. Tap Withdraw.

7. In the Withdrawal method section select SWIFT.

8. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

9. Enter the recipient data in the Recipient data section. Make sure that the entered Recipient data is correct, because if you enter the details incorrectly, the payment will be rejected, and the funds will be returned to your Vexel balance after a while.

10. Go back to the Tinkoff bank app, copy the Beneficiary field content and paste it into the “Full name” field in the Vexel app.

Similarly, fill in the following fields: 

  • Beneficiary’s account

  • Beneficiary’s address

  • Beneficiary’s country

  • Bank

  • Bank SWIFT

  • Bank address

  • Bank country 

  • Payment details (user details specified during Vexel platform verification must match the beneficiary details in the beneficiary’s bank).

Fill the details using English letters only. To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to copy the details from the Tinkoff bank app and paste them in the Vexel app.

11. After you have carefully reviewed the details and ensured that they are correct, tap Withdraw funds.

Withdrawals to bank accounts via SWIFT are completed within 3 business days. In certain instances withdrawals can take up to 6 business days.