How to withdraw funds to a bank account in the SEPA system?

Funds may be withdrawn to a bank account in the   SEPA system only in European countries. 

 Funds may be withdrawn only in EUR (euro). 

 To withdraw funds using SEPA you will have to: 

 1. Open the account of your choice in euro through your bank app 

 2. Click on the “Account details” button for the account that you have just opened

 3. Go back to the Vexel app and click on the euro account 

 4. Go to the Deposit funds item next to the account in question, go to Withdraw funds (make sure that the account is selected correctly and there is an available balance that can be withdrawn) 

 5. Select a withdrawal method by clicking on the Bank transfer sub-item of SEPA 

 6. Fill out the fields   Enter the withdrawal amount and nter beneficiary’s details

 7. Make sure that the information entered in the Enter beneficiary’s details field   is correct, because if you enter the details incorrectly, the payment will be rejected and the funds will be bounce back shortly

 8. Go back to your bank app, copy the details from   the Beneficiary field   and paste them into the full name field in the Vexel app 

 Similarly, you have to fill out all the relevant fields.

User details entered during verification process on the Vexel platform must match user details in the beneficiary bank. 

Important:  The information must be entered in English letters only. It is best to copy the information from your bank’s app and paste it into the Vexel app to avoid making a mistake. 

 9. After you have carefully reviewed the details and made sure that they are correct, click on the  Withdraw funds button . 

 Within three business days, this operation will be executed and the funds will be credited to your bank account.