How to withdraw funds from a cryptocurrency account to a bank card?

To withdraw funds you have to: 

1. Click on the account from which you would like to withdraw funds (consider the USDT example) 

2. Click on the Withdraw button

3. In the Withdrawal method section  click on Bank Cards

4. Select the country where the card to which the withdrawal will be made has been issued

5. In the Enter the withdrawal amount window enter the amount you would like to withdraw to your bank card (you will be presented with an option to click on a button, which will allow you to withdraw all the funds)

6. Be aware of the commission (it is deducted from the total withdrawal amount)

7. Familiarize yourself with the withdrawal limits and terms by clicking on the Limits and Terms button (these limits and terms apply only to withdrawals to bank cards issued in the Russian Federation)

8. In the Enter your card details window, enter the details of the card to which you would like to withdraw funds: the card number, cardholder’s first name, cardholder’s last name

9. Click on the highlighted button Withdraw funds

The average time for withdrawing funds to a bank card is 30 minutes. However, banks sometimes carry out maintenance of their services, so occasionally the processing of transaction data may take as long as three days.

You can see the status of a transaction in the History section.