How to verify your identity

To verify your identity tap Confirm on the Get verified banner. At the Identity verification screen tap Continue

Next, enter your personal information:

  • Enter your country of residence

  • Enter your country of birth

  • In the “State” field enter your state, province, district, or region

  • Enter your city of residence

  • Enter your postcode, address line, building number and flat number

  • In the “Contact number” field enter a valid phone number — you will need to verify it later

  • In the next field, specify a valid email address

  • Fill in the “Gender” and “Nationality” fields

  • In the “Occupation” field, enter your job title

  • Review all the entered data carefully and tap Continue

At the next screen, select the identity document issuing country and type. 

Next, take a photo of your identity document main page. 

Note that all the information on the identity document photo must be readable, without any glare.

Please note that the identity document photo is taken instantly, you can’t upload an existing image. 

After you have taken the identity document photo, make sure the image is sharp and readable, then tap Document is readable

Next, proceed with the identity verification. 

Please note that the identity selfie is taken instantly, so be ready to take the selfie immediately as you won’t be able to verify your identity again

Position your face inside the frame on the screen. Only your face should be visible in the frame! Your selfie will be taken automatically.

Once you complete the verification procedure,  Your data has been accepted screen will appear.

At the Verification status screen, the status of each completed verification step will be shown. Once your identity has been verified, the banner on the home screen will disappear. This indicates that your identity has been successfully verified.