How to create and redeem a voucher?

 A voucher is a method to withdraw funds and receive them to your cryptocurrency account or to the account of any Vexel platform user

 For example, if you need to create a USDT voucher for a certain amount, you have to: 

 1. Select the USDT cryptocurrency account 

 2. Select the Withdraw  option in the menu

 3. Select the account   from which the funds will be withdrawn, in the top area of the screen

 4. Select a withdrawal method   (in this example, the Vexel option should be selected) 

 5. Enter the amount   you would like to withdraw 

 6. Carefully review the details of the account   from which the funds will be withdrawn

 7. Click on the Withdraw funds button

 8. Review the information to make sure it is correct and click on the Confirm button 

 These transfers are performed instantaneously,   and funds will be automatically credited to the voucher account  because this type of transfer is not subject to any commission and transactions are not added to the blockchain network. 

 Once a voucher is created (the withdrawal is completed) successfully, you have to copy the appeared code and send it to your partner

 In order for funds to be credited to your partner’s cryptocurrency account, they have to: 

 1. Go to the Actions section and click on the Redeem voucher option (this can also be done through the main menu by clicking on the orange plus sign and selecting the Redeem voucher) menu option 

 2. Paste the previously copied number of the promissory note

 3. Then you have to click on Redeem option, and the procedure will be completed

 4. Funds will be credited to the account instantaneously

 When working with vouchers, no commission is charged, i.e., there is no commission either for withdrawing or for redeeming a voucher.