How to create and redeem a voucher

A voucher is used to withdraw and receive funds from and to your cryptocurrency account or any Vexel user.

How this works

  • You create a Vexel voucher for a certain amount.

  • The Vexel voucher is assigned a unique number. The funds on the Vexel voucher are stored until they are redeemed by a Vexel user.

  • You can send the Vexel voucher to any Vexel user.

  • When the Vexel voucher is redeemed, the funds will be credited to the account in the currency in which the Vexel voucher was created.

  • There are no fees for creating and redeeming a Vexel voucher.

For example, to create a USDT cryptocurrency Vexel voucher for a certain amount, follow these steps:

 1. Select the USDT account

2. Tap Withdraw in the menu

3. Select the account from which the funds will be withdrawn at the top of the screen

4. Select a withdrawal method (in this example, select Vexel)

5. Enter the amount to withdraw

6. Review the withdrawal account to make sure it is correct

7. Tap Withdraw

 8. Review the information to make sure it is correct, and tap Confirm

These transfers are executed instantly, and the funds will be automatically credited to the Vexel voucher account, since this type of transfer is not subject to any fees and transactions are not placed on the blockchain network.

Once the Vexel voucher has been created, copy the Vexel voucher number and send it to the recipient.

The recipient has to follow these steps below to credit the funds to their cryptocurrency account:

 1. In the mobile app, tap the Quick actions icon

2.  Tap Redeem Vexel voucher

3. Paste the previously copied Vexel voucher number

4. Tap Redeem. The procedure will be completed at this step

 5. The funds will be immediately credited to the recipient's account

No fees are charged for using a Vexel voucher, neither for withdrawal, nor for redemption.

Watch the tutorial video