How can I enable two-factor authentication in the Vexel mobile app?

To enable two-factor authentication, download the Google Authenticator app. Then, in the Vexel app you have to: 

 1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and go to Settings

 3. Select the Security section and select the Two-factor authentication section

5. Change the position of the toggle switch on the 2FA authentication line

6. Copy the code that is shown on your screen in the Vexel app 

 7. Open the Google Authenticator app and in this app click on the Add account option (the plus sign in the lower right corner)

 8. Select the option Enter the configuration key

 9. In the new Enter your account information window enter the name of the account or platform on which you are enabling the two-factor authentication 

 10. Paste the code you copied earlier in the Vexel app into the Key line 

 11. Tap on the Add button

 In the Google Authenticator app a dynamic six-digit code will appear. This is the code that will be used for authorization. Copy it, go back to the Vexel app, and enter this key in the One-time code section. 


 It is essential that you don’t lose access to this code! Do not delete the app until it has been tied to another app or two-factor authentication has been turned off!