Frequently asked questions

Vexel crypto card is a physical UnionPay card. You can use this card for POS and online purchases, as well as ATM cash withdrawals.

Most popular questions

1. Does Vexel only issue a physical crypto card or can Vexel also issue a virtual card?

We only issue physical Vexel crypto cards, we do not issue a virtual card. You will need your physical card at hand to use it.

2. What are the crypto card issuance and maintenance fees? What are the crypto card limits?

Card issuance fee, including delivery: 100€

See all the latest information about card limits, and terms and conditions in the following document:

3. What bank issues Vexel cards?

Vexel crypto card is issued by GUAVAPAY EMI (Electronic Money Institution). See all the necessary details about the bank in the following document:

4. Can I use Apple Pay or Google Pay with my crypto card?

No, you can't. The card issuing bank does not provide this option.

5. Where can I pay using the crypto card?

You can use Vexel crypto card for POS terminal and online purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs accepting UnionPay cards. 

6. How long does crypto card delivery normally take?

Crypto card issuance time, including delivery is 4 weeks.

7. To which countries is the crypto card delivered?

The crypto card is temporarily only delivered within the Russian Federation. A CDEK courier delivers the card personally to you.

8. How do I top up my crypto card?

You can top up your crypto card from any account in your Vexel dashboard.

9. Can I transfer funds from my crypto card to bank accounts and vice versa?

No, you can’t transfer funds from your crypto card to bank accounts and vice versa. With your crypto card you can only pay at POS terminals and online stores, as well as withdraw cash at ATMs accepting UnionPay cards.

10. Can another person receive the crypto card on my behalf?

Yes, another person can receive the crypto card on your behalf.

Below are the steps for another person to receive the crypto card on behalf of its holder.

  1. The recipient (to whom the parcel is shipped) gets a CDEK ID on the website or in the app.

  2. The recipient comes to CDEK with a parcel tracking number and requests the parcel stating a CDEK ID. CDEK manager sends a one-time text message to the card holder. The card holder tells the recipient the secret from this text message. Using the secret, the recipient receives the parcel.